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Board Nominations

2013 CCME Board Nominations

Two open CCME executive board officer positions will be filled through an election by the general membership at the 2013 CCME Symposium in San Diego.

  • Vice President-Elect (2 or 4 year term)*
  • Secretary-Elect (2 year term)

Vice President-Elect Duties:

  1. Co-Chairs the Symposium Agenda Planning Committee with the Armed Services Liaison and documents action items and decisions.
  2. Facilitates the selection of symposium agenda topics, panels, and speakers and reports to Board for discussion and approval.
  3. Assigns committee and/or board members to specific agenda items and provides follow up as needed.
  4. Coordinates with Secretary to assure assignments are documented and speakers are confirmed.
  5. Acts as primary liaison to educational institutions on current military and education issues.
  6. Monitors the CCME membership chat room and facilitates online discussions.

Secretary-Elect Duties:

  1. Records and distributes minutes for all CCME Board meetings.
  2. Maintains standing operating procedures (SOP’s).
  3. Oversees CCME nominations and elections, to include communicating vacancies to membership, preparing ballots and distributing them at the symposium business meeting.
  4. Maintains an annual Communication Plan to include deadlines and activities related to the annual symposium and keeps board members periodically updated on action items.

Note 1: Government employees are not eligible to be elected unless doing so on their personal time. This is based on a legal restriction that prohibits government employees from being voting members of a non-governmental agency.

* - CCME by-laws currently require the Vice-President elect to serve a 4 year term. A by-law change will be voted on at the 2013 CCME symposium before the election that would change this requirement to a 2 year term. Nominees will be made aware of the term length before the election. More information can be found at

Nominations must be received by December 1, 2012.

Please fill out this 2013 Board Nomination form to nominate two open CCME executive board officer positions. These positions will be filled through an election by the general membership at the 2013 CCME Symposium in San Diego.

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