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Proposed changes to the CCME Bylaws

12/15/14 - Proposed changes to the CCME Bylaws for the 2015-16 Program Year

The CCME Board recommends a number of minor clarification changes to the Bylaws. These include: a reference to Facebook, changing Officers of the Executive Board to just Executive Board and a clarification of the duties of the Event Manager. These items are proposed as bylaws changes for the 2015-2016 year.

Three copies of the Bylaws are posted in the CCME Bylaws box on the right hand side: 1. The Current Bylaws, 2. The Bylaws with recommended changes highlighted, and 3. Bylaws with changes incorporated.

A vote of the membership will be taken at the 2015 CCME symposium in Anaheim. Any comments regarding the proposed changes can be directed to Michael Heberling, Immediate Past President at

CCME Bylaws

 1. Current Bylaws

     (as of 01/25/19)

 2. Proposed Changes

     (as of 07/30/19)