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CCME Award Recipients

John Brian Service and Leadership Award
Outstanding service to the voluntary education community by a government employee.

2018 Recipient: Mr. Bart MacMillan - Education and Career Specialist, USMC, Henderson Hall
2017 Recipient: Mr. Peter Harris, Education Chief, John A. Lejeune Education Center, MCCS Lejeune-New River
2016 Recipients: Sam Bagwell, US Marine Corps and Phil Cataquiz, US Navy
2015 Recipient: Rosalee "Sally" Lambert
2014 Recipient: William Garcia
2013 Recipient: Donna Duellburg
2012 Recipient: Ann Hunter, Chief USN Education
2011 Recipient: Mariver "Ivy" Castro
2010 Recipient: Major Troy M. Gipps
2009 Recipient: Dawn A. Bilodeau
2008 Recipient: Jonell Calloway

William E. Kennedy Award
Outstanding dedication and leadership in the delivery of quality programs to military installations and/or individuals.

2018 Recipient: Mr. Robert Wells - Military Science Coordinator, Texas A&M University - Central Texas
2017 Recipient: Pamela Washington, Park University, Henderson Hall Campus
2016 Recipient: Jim Yeonopolus, Central Texas College
2015 Recipient: James McDonough
2013 Recipient: Kirsten Savage
2011 Co-Recipients: Dr. Cheryl Polson and Susan Dewan
2010 Recipient: Richard W. Carter
2009 Recipient: Randy Wright
2008 Recipient: William “Bud” Hayes, Jr.

CCME Corporate Award
Presented to an organization in recognition of its significant contributions to the cause of military education.

2018 Recipient: BAM Technologies
2017 Recipient:
2015 Recipient: Military Advanced Education (MAE)
2011 Recipient: American Council on Education (ACE)
2010 Recipient: Indtai, Inc.
2009 Recipient: BAM Technologies
2008 Recipient: MBS Direct

CCME Institution Award
Presented to an higher education institution in recognition of its significant contributions to the cause of military education.

2018 Recipient: University of North Carolina - Wilmington
2017 Recipient: Colorado Technical University
2016 Recipient: Troy University
2015 Recipient: Kansas State University
2014 Recipient: Saint Martin's University
2013 Recipient: State University of New York, Empire State College
2012 Recipient: American Military University
2011 Recipient: University of Maryland University College (UMUC)
2010 Recipient: Hawaii Pacific University
2009 Recipient: Coastline Community College
2008 Recipient: Colorado Technical University at Colorado Springs

Barry Cobb Government Organization Award
Recognizes the outstanding contributions that government entities make to military education.

2018 Recipient: US Army Installation Management Command
2017 Recipient: Eglin Air Force Base Education Center
2016 Recipient: Coast Guard Institute
2015 Recipient: MCB Camp Pendleton
2013 Recipient: Joint Base Andrews Air Force Base
2012 Recipient: Ramstein Air Force Base
2011 Recipient: Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
2010 Co-Recipients: Coast Guard PSSU Honolulu Learning Center & Marine Corps Base Hawaii Joint Education Center
2009 Recipient: Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges & Community College of the Air Force

CCME President’s Award
Recognizes significant contributions from any sector that has advanced the cause of military education.

2017 Recipient: Dr. Kathryn Snead
2016 Recipients: Organizational Award: Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center (NETPDTC). Individual Award: Laurine Anderson, Joint Services Transcript Manager, Navy Education Technical Manager, and Navy Education and Training Command (NETC) Education Branch Supervisor.
2015 Recipient: Carolyn Baker
2014 Recipient: William Yaeger
2013 Recipient: Bonnie Orvick
2012 Recipient: Louis Martini (Thomas Edison State College)
2011 Recipient: Carolyn Baker
2010 Recipient: Jeffrey Cropsey
2009 Recipient: Gary Woods
2008 Co-Recipients: James Selbe and James Wright

CCME President Emeritus

Mebane Harrison
Dr. Fred Huber

CCME Lifetime Achievement Award

2018 Recipients: Ms Mebane Harrison and Mr. Benjamin Randle
2017 Recipient: Dr. John Ebersole
2015 Recipient: Jim Sweizer
2014 Recipient: Andrea Baridon
2013 Co-Recipients: Susan McIntosh and Ramona McAfee
2012 Co-Recipients: Jim Anderson, Marcy Shapiro and Jeffrey Haycraft
2011 Recipient: Loretta Cornett-Huff
2008 Recipient: Dian Stoskopf

CCME Service Award

2015 Recipients: Barbara Merlo, Angela Reese, Deborah Walker and Bill Yeager
2014 Recipients: Linda Frank and GySgt Axel Davila

Gary A. Woods ACME Award

2018 Recipient: SECOME - Southeastern Council on Military Education
2017 Recipient: Virginia Advisory Council on Military Education



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