Title:Open Learning in Higher Education: What are the dimensions of openness?
Description:'Open' is fashionable. This is the era of generic terms such as 'open access', 'open source' and 'open license'. Furthermore, following the lead of the UK Open University, established in 1969, many educational institutions at all levels apply the designation 'open' to all or part of their offerings. What does the term signify? The session will explore the various dimensions of openness (e.g. admission criteria, geographic availability, accessible learning and curricular openness). It will also ask whether there are limits to educational openness and, if so, what they are."
Speakers: Sir John Daniel, CEO
Commonwealth of Learning

Alan Davis, Ph.D.
President, SUNY Empire State College

Loretta P. Adrian, Ph.D.
President, Coastline Community College

Mary Ellen Caro, Ph.D. - Facilitator
Vice President, Thomas Edison State College

Wallace Boston, Ph.D.
President, American Military University
Session Hour(s): Wednesday February 15, 2012
10:00AM - 11:00AM
Room:Crystal Ballroom