Title:Writing During Transitions: How Combat Veterans Achieve Personal Growth and Academic Success through Writing
Description:Writing, the arts, and other creative activities have proven effective in assisting combat veterans who experience Post-Traumatic Stress with adjustments leading them from combat to a return to civilian, family, career, and academic life back home. This session will explore how writing can serve as a tool in academic, or professional, and personal growth for combat veterans.
Speakers: Judy Loomer
SOCAD Project Officer
Servicemembers Opportunity College/AASCU

Alex Mujica
Marine Corps Combat Veteran
Graduate Student at the University of Central Florida in the MFA writing Program.

Stuart Sidell
Lead Therapist in Geriatrics Extended Care
Bay Pines VA Healthcare System

Brian Turner
Army Combat Veteran
Director for the MFA Program at Sierra Nevada
Session Hour(s): Wednesday February 15, 2012
10:00AM - 11:00AM