Title:CLEP Business Exams: Opening a World of Possibilities and Opportunities to Service Members and Veterans in Today's Economy
Description:This presentation will discuss the advantages to active service members and veterans to taking CLEP Business Exams since business administration is one of the top undergraduate degree programs. An overview of CLEP business exams will be discussed, along with 2010-11 military test taker demographics¸pass rates by service branch/exam, and tips on test prep. Also, Jeffrey Lineman, one of committee members for the Principles of Management exam, will discuss the rigorous process utilized by the committee members in reviewing and evaluating exam content.
Speakers: Denise Mutlu
Senior Director College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
College Board
Jeffrey Lineman Committee Member for CLEP Principles of Management Exam
Northwest Nazarene University
Session Hour(s): Thursday February 16, 2012
1:15PM - 2:15PM