Title:Electronic Records Possibilities
Description:Technology frequently paves the way to new tools. Using these tools effectively determines if the new ideas make life better for the people involved. When Florida Tech examined the manual processes that are involved in trying to keep paper files it's hard not to think there has to be a better way. Florida Tech is now using the tools within our secure shared database and Xtender document system to create electronic files for each military and veteran student. This system has eliminated paper waste, misplaced documents, and has produced perfect audits. It also allows staff to access forms at the same time from different locations. It has moved from being an idea to being a proven solution.
Speakers: Brian Ehrlich
Director of Program Administration
Florida Institute of Technology

Andrea Morley
Military and Veterans Affairs Coordinator
Florida Institute of Technology
Session Hour(s): Wednesday February 15, 2012
10:00AM - 11:00AM