Session 1:
The Importance of Personality in Career Choice: Utilizing the BeMIS in Educational Counseling

Name/title of Presenter:
Dr. Daniel R. Collins, Ed.D., NCC, LPC Developer National Board for Certified Counselors and Affiliates

Description of training session:
The focus of this session is on knowledge based decision making. The selection of an academic major, a career, personnel for employment, or any other decision in which personality traits are influential are too important to be made without the availability and consideration of critical information. There are many personality tests, but few are really useful. The lack of utility has many causes, including: assessing only a small range of behavior; being restricted to a limited theoretical view point; too time consuming, threatening, and confusing; culturally specific; and difficult to score and interpret. This session will present a personality assessment procedure, The Adjective Check List (ACL) that is useful and is free of the utility constraints. The ACL, as administered, scored, and interpreted by the Behavioral Management Information System (BeMIS) provides critical decision making information and suggested solutions for personal and organizational actions.

Learning Objectives:

Outcome measures:
Participants will complete a survey indicating level of increased knowledge and relevance of application

Practical application:
Critical decision-making in the areas of academic major, career and employment choice, and other decision making scenarios relevant to military counselors and educators.