Accreditation 101: The Definitive Webinar on What Accreditation Means, and How You Can Make Best Use of It

Mike Lambert, Executive Director, DETC

Session Time: Wednesday 8:00 - 9:00 am
Room: Sapphire 400

Accreditation remains, after a century, one of the more misunderstood and confusing institutions in higher education. In this myth-shattering video webinar aimed at ESOs and military decision-makers in the vol-ed world, we will learn not only the authentic role and true meaning of accreditation, but also how best it can be used in making smart choices about choosing the learning opportunities which best fit the needs of your stakeholders and clients. Accreditation is a free but valuable resource to the military community, yet it retains an aura of mystery about it. This webinar should clear up the mysteries and provide practical advice to all who view it. As a panel they will undertake to demystify accreditation using numerous slides. They will tackle the classic questions like credit transfer policies, disclosure of outcomes and how to use accreditation as a school selection tool.

This webinar features a knowledgeable and experienced group of experts, who include Judith Eaton of CHEA, Carolyn Baker of DoD, Kathy Snead of SOC, Tom Langdon of the USAF, Elise Scanlon, a higher ed attorney in Washington, and Mike Lambert of DETC.