Compare and Contrast of Two ACMES; Virginia and Kansas

Mr. Michael Midura National Military Manager, Strayer University; Dr. Robert M. Kuhns, Director, Butler of McConnell, Butler of Rose Hill

Session Time: Thursday 12:45 - 1:45 pm
Room: Cobalt 500

VA ACME is one of the most active ACME organizations. Mr. Michael Midura is the president of the VA ACME and is spearheading some great initiatives in support of educational opportunities for military members and families in Virginia. VA ACME has also received recognition for their exemplary efforts including the First Lady's Opportunity Seal of Approval, from Virginia's First Lady Maureen McDonnell. Mr. Midura will provide a brief presentation of Virginia ACME's road to success including some of the painful experiences along the way as a clear example of service to our military and their families.

KS ACME is one of the newest ACMEs in the country. Dr. Robert Kuhns is the president and leader of this ambitious group determined to provide best possible educational support to the military. KS ACME and Dr. Kuhns' situation is very different from VA ACME but yet alike in that they are both intent on supporting military members and their families, different in that the military population are very different between Kansas and Virginia. Dr. Kuhns will provide a short brief of the KS ACME experience from conception to where they are now.

At the conclusion of these presentations will be a short question and answer period.