Institute for Veterans and Military Families: Programs on Employment, Entrepreneurship and Outreach

James Schmeling, Managing Director, Co-Founder, Syracuse University; Raymond Toenniessen, Director of New Initiatives & External Relation, Syracuse University; Rosalinda Maury, Director of Research, Syracuse University

Session Time: Wednesday 3:00 - 4:00 pm
Room: Aqua 310

The presentation will focus on the founding/establishment of the IVMF and its employment programs, research programs, and educational programs on entrepreneurship for veterans and their families. The IVMF focuses on topics that create awareness, opportunities, and for university-based researchers to engage with IVMF to address issues and practices related to veterans and families. It also focuses on the employment and educational programs as models which may be replicated in various university settings.

The Navy's Learning And Development Roadmaps (LaDR) Program: Promoting