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Chair of Concurrent Sessions

Ashley Marquez is a veteran, and a Compliance Specialist for Alliant International University. In this role, Ashley assists with developing and implementing policies and procedures and regulatory filings, conducts audits and reviews, and ensures the university maintains adherence to state and federal policies and regulations.

Prior to joining the Alliant International University family, Ashley counseled service members and assists them with the development of their personal goals while transitioning out of the military and with their educational objectives. Educational objectives include credentialing/licensure, a valid post-military career goal and subsequent civilian occupation.

Ashley worked in higher education for seven years. Since this is her calling, her passion illuminates when she assists adults, service members, and their families with their higher education aspirations. Ashley feels the reward when she witnesses the overall success of our men and women serving in the Armed Forces. She feels privileged and honored to serve service members because of their dedication and selfless contribution to our country.

Ashley is a native of Texas and attained a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College in Business Administration and holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Angelo State University (ASU). She has three children and is proud of her husband Miguel who is currently serving on active duty in Colorado.

Ashley is a firm believer that knowledge is power, and age should not be a deterrent to further your education. Education is an asset to yourself, your family, your local community, your job, and to the country.

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