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Scholarship Chair

With over two decades of invaluable consulting experience in both the Federal Government and Higher Education sectors, Wendy Garcia brings a wealth of expertise in post-secondary and workforce development education. Her specialization spans across critical areas including Strategic Planning, Operational Improvements, Organization Change Management, and Project Management Leadership.

Notably, in 2001, Wendy played a pivotal role in the development of eArmyU, contributing from its inception. Later, she provided subject matter expertise, exceptional customer service, program mentoring, and training support for the successful launch of GoArmyEd, which led to a significant program expansion from 60,000 to over 120,000 participants. Throughout this period, Wendy maintained a close and effective working relationship with Army Continuing Education System (ACES) Counselors, providing invaluable assistance to Soldier-students in their pursuit of educational opportunities and resolution of academic-related challenges.

Joining Vantage Point at its inception, Wendy wholeheartedly embraced the company's core mission of enabling individuals to realize their fullest potential. Vantage Point, through its collaborative efforts spanning industry, education, government, and non-profit sectors, leverages design, data, and technology to eliminate barriers to career and education access and advancement. Wendy's impactful work at Vantage Point Consulting has included a diverse range of military projects, with notable collaborations involving the American Council on Education, DANTES, Troops to Teachers, and Student Veterans of America.

As a dedicated advocate for service members and their families, Wendy has played an instrumental role in driving initiatives that support programs and services within the military community. This commitment is evident not only in her professional endeavors within the Higher Education and Workforce Development field, but also through her voluntary contributions to various military organizations.

Wendy is a distinguished graduate of the University of Hawaii and the University of South Florida, where she honed her skills and knowledge in higher education and consulting. In addition, she holds Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner and ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Project Management (ICP-APM) certifications, further bolstering her credentials in facilitating effective organizational change and agile project management.

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