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2021 CCME Professional Development Symposium San Francisco, CA

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2021 Professional Development Symposium


June 14 - 17, 2021
San Francisco, California

Stay tuned for the 2021 Registration information - Coming soon!

2021 CCME Annual Symposium Agenda

Stay tuned for the 2021 Agenda - Coming soon!



2020 CCME Board of Directors Nomination

Two open CCME executive board officer positions will be filled through an election by the general membership at the 2020 CCME Symposium in Philadelphia PA.

  • Secretary-Elect

  • Vice President-Elect


Secretary-Elect is a 2-year commitment (automatically moves into the Secretary position after one year). Duties include:

  1. Records and distributes minutes for all CCME Board meetings.

  2. Serves on the Agenda Planning Committee.

  3. Oversees CCME nominations and elections, to include communicating vacancies to membership, preparing ballots and distributing them at the symposium business meeting.

  4. Account manager - VISTA Print Business Card Production for CCME.

  5. Keeps board members periodically updated on action items.


Vice President-Elect is a 4-year commitment (automatically moves into the Vice President position after one year, then the following year to the President and the 4th year as the immediate past president). Must have two years on CCME board. Duties include:

  1. Serves on the agenda planning committee.

  2. Works with Vice President to assign committee and/or board members to specific agenda items, hold accountability in agenda matters and provides follow up as needed.

  3. Co-Chairs the Concurrent Session Committee.

  4. Coordinates with Secretary and concurrent session chair to assure assignments are documented and speakers are confirmed.

  5. Acts as primary content manager for relevant higher education matters and military impacts to CCME Membership.

  6. Co-Chairs Newcomer activities.


Vice President-Elect nominees must have a minimum of two years previous experience on the CCME Board in either an elected or appointed position. Upon completion of the one year term, the Vice President shall automatically serve as President for a one-year term. Upon completion of the one-year term, the President shall automatically serve as Immediate Past-President for a one year.

Please send nominations to Rodney Clark at or contact him if you have any questions.

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