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Ms. Esmeralda Silva

CCME President

Esmeralda Silva is currently the Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Outreach Services at Trident University International (TUI). Esmeralda has been with TUI for 20+ years and her career has comprised of roles revolving around building strong relationships as this is key to creating lasting and trusting partnerships with university leaders, key military leaders and partners, corporate and nonprofit organizations who have a desire and commitment to changing lives through the "Power of Education."

Over the past seventeen years, Esmeralda has spent her time focused on changing lives through her commitment, dedication and belief that education is one of the most effective ways to improve a person's life. During her tenure, she held leadership roles within Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Administrative Services, Outreach & Partnerships, Military and Veteran Relations, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, and Strategic Planning and Management, which has allowed her to create and implement integrated strategies as well as assist and collaborate with cross-departmental leaders to ensure a university-wide focus on student success. Currently in her role she oversees Military Relations, Corporate Relations, Alumni Relations and Career Planning and Workforce Strategies.

Esmeralda is actively involved in supporting and advocating for improved support and services for military members, veterans, and their families. She currently serves as President for California Advisory Council on Military Education, she is a member of LA Veteran Collaboration - Higher Education Working Group, she also serves as a member of Military Friendly Advisory Board and actively participates in national education Consortiums.

Esmeralda was born and raised in Washington state and currently resides in San Antonio, Texas and has two amazing sons Jalen and Christian.

Ms. Esmeralda Silva
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