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2024 Speakers

Speakers are being updated daily!  Check back for updates.

Mrs. Nyesha Algiers Diamond Wilson

National Anthem Singer

Mrs. Nyesah Algiers Diamond Wilson is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana born to Winston and Mary Whitten the last of five children.  Mrs. Wilson has been performing for most of her life, she remembers way back singing in the sunbeam choir at church at age three. Her inquisitiveness and bright bubbly personality is what caught the attention of the talented and arts teacher back in third grade and everything else fell into place.

Mrs. Wilson has performed in various venues in the United States and internationally, being classically trained in the fine arts of vocal music, theater, and art all over the globe. She's sang for the pope in Italy and for the neighborhood but no matter where or what audience, she shines. There's something about how she can captivate an audience with her infectious smile and laugh. It comes as no surprise that she is naturally funny and an ultimate quadruple threat.  Mrs. Nyesha, "Algiers Diamond" Wilson is a force to be reckoned with.  She's touted jokingly that she's coming for the best because she knows what it takes to be and stay prepared for whatever life may present to her. So whether it's a monologue, music, standup, or putting pencil to sketch book she is ready.

Mrs. Wilson is an Army Veteran and is married to an Army Veteran and has a family of four beautiful children.

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